Green Burial – The End is a New Beginning

Preserve, protect, and renew the land with your burial.
Located in the Asheville area of Western North Carolina, Carolina Memorial Sanctuary is a conservation & green cemetery providing eco-friendly natural burials.

Kind Words

I cannot say enough about how wonderful these folks are. Caroline, Cassie, Anthony, and Grace were just amazing before, during, and after the funeral preparations and burial of my beloved. Their support and guidance were integral in helping me navigate this death in a truly beautiful and graceful way. A win-win-win for us all.
This place is truly a sanctuary.
I can't accurately express how awesome this place is. Not only is green burial something to absolutely consider but the staff at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary are the real reason to consider this place. From the initial contact all the way through the burial process the staff was friendly, understanding, and incredibly respectful. Cassie and Matt lead our family, in the midst of an impossible time, through each step of the process with grace that I can't even explain. We felt cared for, we felt respected, and we felt the final wishes of a young son, brother, and friend were honored the the best way possible. The closure gained through their process is unlike anything i've ever experienced. The site, while unconventional, really gives nature a chance to show off on this beautiful property. A full time steward sees to the grounds and the natural beauty is hard to describe. Its a awesome place to lay some to rest. I highly recommend!
Beautiful location and very serene experience. Love the concept and the location is so peaceful. The caretakers of this sanctuary truly love their work and are sincere in their actions. Highly recommend to visit the site to see for yourself.
The Sanctuary provided a beautiful and fitting final resting place for my mom. The staff and volunteers are kind, supportive, and helpful. I look forward to visiting in the future to enjoy the natural surroundings and celebrate my mother's life.

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